What Our Clients Are Saying

Dr. Maria C. - Healthcare Professional

I love teaching.  There is something amazing about being able to share a concept with another person.  I was great at teaching one individual. However, I needed help in giving a talk to an audience.  I was overwhelmed: my presentation lacked focus and did not engage the audience.  I sought Brenda’s help because I wanted to be a better teacher and speaker.

Brenda helped me specifically prepare a speech for hospital management. My work with Brenda resulted in a clear speech that impressed the hospital management and engaged the audience.  The success with this talk influenced my subsequent talks.  I attained tools to help me prepare and deliver excellent talks.  I currently am preparing 3 talks for the medical community.

There are at least two significant benefits I have attained from working with Brenda.  My financial bonus and promotion came as a direct result of providing these presentations.  I also am truly satisfied: I love teaching, and now I have the tools to be a better teacher.

Anybody can check out google or read self-help books about how to get better at public speaking.  I have those books and it’s not the same!  Brenda’s guidance through the whole process made the difference.  Brenda is so encouraging, warm and present.  Her insight brought out the best in my participation in the process. Her enthusiasm to help me improve my work was wonderful.  I am so thankful for this investment I made for my life and my career!


Tapiwa C. - Food Sustainability


...This was my text to Brenda after giving a 3 minute presentation on who I am and what my career vision was, to my busy mentor.  I had previously met with her a month before, to ask for leads on possible new job introductions.  She had asked me a lot questions about what I wanted to do, (after graduating with a masters in public administration) and I found that I was unclear myself.  She told me to prepare this presentation and make it clear to her 'who I was'.  

Brenda helped me discover the core of what my passion was (food sustainability) and what personal gifts I had to use in that niche.  We crafted a short and effective presentation that highlighted who I was brilliantly and my mentor loved it!  She has passed my name on to professional colleagues because as she said 'Now, that I know who you are, I can promote you everywhere!"

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