1. Speak Well....Earn Well.

"Now, you can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills--public speaking. If that's the case, see me after class and I'll pay you $150,000." - Warren Buffett


2. Connect & Collaborate


"On average, by 2020, more than a third of the desired core skill sets of most occupations will be comprised of skills that are not yet considered crucial to the job today, according to our respondents. Overall, social skills— such as persuasion, emotional intelligence and teaching others—will be in higher demand across industries than narrow technical skills, such as programming or equipment operation and control. In essence, technical skills will need to be supplemented with strong social and collaboration skills."

World Economic Forum (The Future of Jobs & Skills:  //www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_FOJ_Executive_Summary_Jobs.pdf


3. "Be a Good Story Teller"


Jeremy Zimmer, CEO of United Talent Agency, says the first thing he asks a prospective hire to do is tell him a story. "If we're selling something, we have to be able to communicate it in an elegant, intelligent way,"



4.  Be Confident. 

"If an employee is able to stand by his or her opinions and suggestions and defend them thoughtfully and respectfully, it shows me that he or she’s capable of being a true leader. Essentially, I value confidence. People who are truly confident aren’t making arbitrary decisions. They’re not pushovers, and most importantly, they’re able to defend their perspective while remaining receptive to critiques."

Mac Morgan, Tonic Design Co. - //www.themuse.com/advice/12-ways-to-stand-out-to-your-boss-and-get-all-the-good-assignments-fun-projects-and-big-promotions

5.  Be the Go-To Expert

"Share your knowledge. One of the best ways to convince skeptics of your merits is to prove you know what you’re doing. When you share your knowledge publicly – giving speeches, writing blog posts, or curating a smart Twitter feed about your industry – you demonstrate your competence clearly because you allow others to see what’s inside your head. An additional advantage is that when you start to build up a broader following, those closest to you – such as co-workers who may have been questioning your credentials – have to re-evaluate their feelings when their own friends start to talk about you and your ideas."

Dorie Clark -  //time.com/3828508/4-ways-to-stand-out/

6.  Be Empathetic. 

 "You can always find people with skills, but you can’t always find empathy paired with talent. There have been studies that indicate that the most effective teams aren’t the most intelligent, they don’t have the best degrees, they aren’t the most charismatic—they’re the ones with the most empathy. That’s why we put a premium on empathy and have made it a core value."

 Joseph Walla, HelloSign - //www.themuse.com/advice/12-ways-to-stand-out-to-your-boss-and-get-all-the-good-assignments-fun-projects-and-big-promotions

7.  Speak Up

 "When I worked in Hollywood as a television executive, I was often the sole woman in the room— and the youngest. I had a wealth of ideas and thoughts, but struggled to find my voice in a conference room full of big personalities. One day, my boss pulled me aside and asked me to speak up more. He knew that I had many valuable ideas to contribute but needed the airtime. I took that to heart and started making my thoughts heard. It felt great to participate, and I encourage others to speak up often." 

Julia Hartz, co-founder and president of global events marketplace Eventbrite.


8.  Be the 'Solution-Bringer'

 "Someone who is willing to not only do their job well, but who goes above and beyond, whether that's helping others, bring solutions to problems outside of their core role, or just being a general source of energy and upping the game for the rest of the team. I love that and promote those people immediately." -

Melody McCloskey, CEO of online and mobile platform StyleSeat, which helps consumers discover and book services with top beauty and wellness professionals in their area.


9.  "Share Your Knowledge with Others."


Want senior management to see your skills? Coordinate several lunch hour sessions where you provide training to others in the organization in your area of expertise."


10.  "Become a Speaker at Local Association Meetings.


Look outside your company for opportunities to gain visibility within your industry. Most associations hold monthly meetings and are always looking for great speakers with relevant training topics for members."