Brenda is known by many as ‘The Gold-Picker-Upper’ for her ability to see the potential in people.  When she sees that untapped potential you she champions it until you shine!

Having studied International Business and worked in non-profit, she came to understand that the biggest asset you have in your professional and personal arsenal is the gift of knowing who you are.  She realized that your gifts & talents are only going to be as powerful and as useful as the person holding them.  "Understanding your value and worth fosters deep confidence and gives you a firm footing to fully release your brilliance."

One of the most valuable tools that Brenda uses to develop her clients confidence is "Proactive Public Speaking".  This is an intentional and fluent way of speaking that makes you stand out through your articulate ideas.  Whether it is intensive training for a presentation, triumph over a defeated mindset or helping clients to 'speak up', the end results are always self-discovery, clarity and excitement about the possibilities, as they see themselves and their lives as limitless!

“There is no greater joy for me than hearing and seeing that ‘light bulb’ moment when a clients’ confidence is ignited and they smile in recognition of it.  It is magical! It is a privilege to watch!

Brenda loves the laughter of children, hiking, a really good cup of coffee, her garden, creativity in all forms, brunching with friends & the joy of learning something new each day.


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